How do we work

You can always contact us by phone or email to ask your questions or to plan a visit to our stables to have a look at one or more of our horses/ponies.

During this visit we show you the horse, moving free, under the saddle or both, so you can get a first impression, after that, if you like, you can try the horse yourself.

It is possible to visit at any time, darkness or bad weather is no problem because of our multiple riding facilities.

After this first visit you can make arrangements about a possible purchase or maybe a second visit.

When you decide to buy one of our horses, we can deliver him or her at your place. Within a radius of 50km this is included in the purchase. Outside this radius we ask for some compensation.

We deliver all our horses with correct vaccinations, trimmed and included a recent clinical test report from the vet. According to the value of the horse we also include an X-ray report. When this is not the case, the buyer is of course always free to arrange one himself at own expenses.



Regularly we sell our horses/ponies to foreign countries. We can bring them ourselves to countries in the surroundings of Holland and we can arrange export to countries further away. In all cases the costs and risks of transportation are on the expenses of the new owner.



In case you have any questions you can always contact us by phone or email.

You are always welcome to visit our stables at any time. We can always give you information and show you around but when you would like to see or try one or more horses it is recommended to make an appointment first.


DMVstables / Ton Does – 06-145456533